Nature Center
The foundations biggest ongoing project, which also enjoys lots of community support, is the White Oak District’s nature center.  That support has come in so many different ways, it sometimes boggles the mind.  By far the greatest financial support of the ongoing development of that center is to the credit of the White Oak Education Foundation.  Aside from the numerous smaller grants that keep things going, the foundation has provided the lion’s share of financing for the pavilion and the tadpole pond, both pictured below.

Parents of our students know that some extraordinary learning opportunities have been developed and implemented in that outdoor arena.  You can see a few of them on the foundations achievement page and almost all of them are featured at some level in individual teacher blogs and a few student portfolios.

Please consider subscribing to this page for updates, some quite casual, about the nature center itself.  I’ll endeavor to keep this page up-to-date on some of the uses, all of the needs, the condition of the facility, and the opportunities in it.