The Frank & Lovelle Kennedy Story
The Foundation is truly  grateful for each donation regardless of the amount. for it is the sum total of all that enables our Mission to be best accomplished.

An oak tree was designed and built by James King, Board Member to recognize our donors. When donations, [single or cumulative] of $250 are received; a  brass leaf engrave with the donor’s name is added to the tree. Each donor is limited to one leaf.

We realize this is only a token acknowledgement of the many donors who continue to support our WOISD projects. There are approximately 130  leaves which are engraved with the donor’s name, after the additions in March 2013. This tree is installed in the entry hall to the High School .

A special thanks to Mrs. Lovelle Kennedy
In 1952, Frank and Lovelle Kennedy with their daughter, Carol, and son, Tommy, moved into a house on Reynolds Drive in White Oak.  They were soon active members of the White Oak Baptist Church where they participated in numerous church service projects and related activities, and Mr. Kennedy later served as deacon.  The Kennedys also became involved members of the White Oak community.  During that time, White Oak’s schools were led by only three board members.   Mr. Kennedy was one of those members serving at least one term as Board President.

Lovelle was very involved in school activities including Scouting, PTA, Band Boosters and most any other activity in which her children were interested.  As the children grew older, the Kennedy home was often a gathering place for their friends with Mrs. Kennedy providing lemonade and chocolate chip cookies. 

Frank was part of the group that was instrumental in White Oak receiving its city charter.  In fact, the process began with several citizens meeting late into the night on different occasions right in the Kennedy’s living room.
Unfortunately, Mr. Kennedy, Carol, and Tom preceded Mrs. Kennedy in death.  She died in 2011 at the age of 91 having spent more than 50 years in the home where she and Frank first settled their family in White Oak.  Both had invested years of time and energy working to insure a promising future for our community.

The White Oak Education Foundation is proud to be a recipient of part of this family’s trust fund.  This year, $25,000 of the fund was awarded to the Primary and Intermediate Schools to fund the renovation of the Elementary playground insuring that hundreds of children each year will benefit from her generosity.